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Protect Climate Activists

Join us in fighting for the safety and freedom of those who risk everything for our planet.

About the cause

In every corner of the globe, we find everyday heroes – climate activists. From young advocates to seasoned campaigners, these individuals have committed themselves to one of the greatest causes of our time: preserving our planet. Their peaceful endeavors aim to educate, mobilize, and instill a sense of urgency within communities. These heroes harness a powerful blend of creativity and dedication to spark conversation and action about the critical issue of climate change.

However, their valiant efforts are met with stark threats of violence and incarceration, underscoring the dire need to safeguard their rights and amplify their voices.


Environmental activists murdered globally in the past decade


Average number of environmental activists killed every two days


Record number of killings of environmental activists in 2020


Number of key climate activists currently detained in Vietnam


Their stories

Hong Hoang

Hong Hoang

Hong Hoang, a dedicated climate advocate from Vietnam, devoted her life to combatting climate change and inspiring her community to join the cause. Despite her peaceful and educational initiatives, Hong now finds herself in detention. Join us in rallying support for Hong and countless other climate activists facing similar situations.

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