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Free Hong Hoang: A Climate Hero Unjustly Detained

Join us in our mission to liberate Hong Hoang, an exemplary climate activist and Obama foundation Leader, currently facing unjust detention in Vietnam.

About Hong Hoang

Hong Hoang is more than an activist; she's a beacon of inspiration for climate advocates worldwide. A steadfast champion for environmental protection, she led the charge to encourage Vietnamese citizens to take concrete steps toward conservation.

As the former CEO of Change, an environment-focused NGO established in 2013, Hong diligently worked to promote eco-consciousness, educate her community, and inspire decisive action. In recognition of her significant contributions, Forbes Vietnam named her among the 50 most influential Vietnamese women in 2019. Furthermore, Climate Heroes honored her tireless efforts by christening her a 'Climate Hero'.

Notably, Hong was among the first individuals chosen globally as an Obama Foundation Scholar, where she pursued further studies at Columbia University. Her selection reflects her remarkable dedication to environmental preservation, as well as her exceptional work in community education and organizing toward a greener and cleaner Vietnam.

Despite the closure of Change in 2022, her commitment to the cause remains unbroken. Hong's story exemplifies an unwavering dedication to environmental protection, persisting even amidst adversity.

Current Situation

As widely reported, the arrest of Vietnam's leading environmental activist, Hoang Thi Minh Hong, is the latest in an accelerating crackdown which should prompt serious concerns within the UK Government which is lining up alongside the US, EU, Canada and others to provide huge resources to Vietnam’s climate change programmes.

Hong, a mother and tireless climate justice activist, was detained on Wednesday 31st May in what the US State Department is calling a "part of a concerning pattern of arrests of local environmental and civil society advocates."

Detained without charge, Hong is being held incommunicado and has been denied access to a lawyer. She will not enjoy the right to a fair trial and faces up to seven years behind bars for a spurious charge of tax evasion. Once imprisoned, she will be subjected to horrific conditions in a prison system that is notorious for torture and wilful neglect.

Hong’s detention follows the recent prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment of four environmental activists – Mai Phan Loi, Dang Dinh Bach, Bach Hung Duong, and Nguy Thi Khanh – under similar circumstances.

In December, Vietnam secured $15.5bn of funding through the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with the EU, the UK and the US, which aims to help Vietnam reduce its carbon footprint. As such Governments have a responsibility to speak up and call for the immediate release of Hong and her fellow climate activists.

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What can I do to support Hong Hoang?

Now, more than ever, Hong needs our solidarity. Just as she's stood up for our environment, it's our turn to stand up for her. Stand with us in showing support for Hong Hoang and all climate activists who continue to dedicate their lives to the fight for a sustainable future.

If you have direct access to decision makers :

  1. Contact your government to ask for Hong’s and the 5 other activists release
  2. Post the hashtags #freehong #freethemall on your social network and follow the instagram page and join the telegram channel for live news and coordination
  3. Download and take daily strategic actions on the #freehong campaigns for 20 seconds a day

Who we are?

A group of university friends from Hong and climate activists

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